Say, good subject for this site!
June 5 2001 at 11:06 AM

Response to Oscar, advice please.

At long last, a post relevant to the spirit of this site. You are going through an experience that is so common, we should have a name for it.

Since you were the first one to bring it up, let's call it the Starbuck's Syndrome.

The symptoms are thus: You are living in Japan with a rediculous job that pays preposterously well (English teacher, model, male host, etc.) You are sleeping with girls hotter than you ever slept before and you are getting more of it than ever before. You believe you are in heaven but you realize that you are living a slacker's life. Should you give it all up for a worthier purpose? Or should you just keep living off the cream? You are in a dilemma.

I imagine that a lot of people who have visited this site have had the same symptoms attack them once or twice.

I invite everyone to throw in their two cents. Their's are just as good as mine.

My Advise Do what you did when your dad took you to the big buffet style dinner on Thanksgiving day. Stuff yourself until you get sick and that you can swear you don't want to see another chocolate fudge for the rest of your life. It's really a silly, wasteful and unhealthy excess, but twenty years afterwards you will look back on the memory fondly. Youth doesn't last. Enjoy it while it's still there. Soon you will decide if you want to leave paradise for a real job. If that happens, it was just a phase. But a good one.


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