Essay Scoring Formula
July 31 2001 at 2:18 PM

This is the deal:

We vote on each essay on a scale of one to ten. Each score is multiplied by the number of people voting. (i.e. If 3 people rate the essay to be 4, that's 3x4=12 points.) We add up the points to get the total.

We divide the total with the number of voters to get the average score.

If we leave it that, it won't be fair because if essay A gets two votes rating it an 8, and essay B gets a hundred votes rating it a 7, B will have an average score lower than A even though B got more attention.

So, we take the average score and multipy it by the total.

That's good enough for me, but the number gets too big and unwieldly, so just to round it down to a more manageable size, we divide it by 100 and round up at 0.05.

The formula you get is total squared, divided by number of voters, divided by 100.
(There's a name for this formula, but I don't know the English word and cannot recall the Japanese one.)

Ace's "My Last Few Days" has so far four people rating it a 6, four people for 7, one vote for 8, two votes for 9 and three votes for 10.
Which comes to a total of 108.
That squared is 11664
That divided by the number of voters (14) is 833.142....
That divided by 100 and rounded at 0.05 is 8.3

So the score for Ace's essay as of this writing is 8.3

The voting period for each essay will be 30 days. At the end of this period, I calculate the score and post it. Maybe Kawama can rig up a score board to go with the essay archive.

Happy writing guys!


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