Thats funny you mention it....
May 26 2002 at 10:38 AM
Lady Killer 

Response to Like a splatter to me!

but one of my favorite past-times is going over to my friends houses (especially if they are married or live with their girlfriends, its exponentially gratifying..HAHA!) and downloading that exact picture and setting it as their wallpaper. Yes, I know I'm a sick bastard and an asshole in every respect, but I can't help myself..LOL..I'm sure none of you will ever invite me over now, much less be my friend when I move to Japan, but all I can say is...Hanging out with Lady Killer is definitely an experience best avoided by the weak at heart, but a whole hell of alot of fun, picking up girls, boozing adventures, and plethora upon plethora of tales to share with the grandchildren...HAHAHA!!!.

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