The shittiest day of your life..
May 13 2001 at 2:58 PM

So I get up at 10.50 when I'm supposed to be at work at 10. Not only that but I was the one who was supposed to be opening shop, so when I arrive there's like 20 irate customers who've been waiting since 10. Luckily, the other staff don't arrive until 11 so I bullshitted that I'd been there since opening, and somehow manage not to get caught. pheeew.
Anyway to top that first major fuck up, later on some dude comes in wanting a cd copied. Not being much of an experienced CD burner dude but having done it a few times I was thinking it'd be alright, so I set about making some copies for him. Half way through copying the CD he gave me three things happen.
1) the guy says "God this is going slowly, I've got to send this off to Hamburg this afternoon, See, I'm a record producer and this is my latest sign-up bands first album, when they get this is Hamburg I know they'll be happy, if only this bloody thing wasn't so slow then I could post it off to them a.s.a.p".
2) I notice that for the past half hour I've actually been copying Half-Life onto his CD, and not his new bands album,
3) I shit my pants. This guy is pacing up and down the aisle impatiently, bitching about the slow speed of the CD ROM, and I'm thinking what kind of job I'm going to look for after I get fired from this one. There's absolutely no fucking way I'm telling him that I've just screwed up his CD when he's fuming already. No way.

SO what do I do? finish off copying Half Life onto his CD, give it to him with a smile and wish him on his merry way with a smile.

Evil "counting the minutes until the guy comes back with a baseball bat" Kris

So this brings me to my question. What's the biggest screw up any of you have done in your lives?


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