I've a question about Japanese guys...
August 1 2001 at 12:10 AM

Why is it that young Japanese men who are supposed to be good looking- pop stars and such-, look more and more androgynous, if not simply feminine these days? I know there are exceptions, but in general, this seems to be the case. There was a bunch of gay Chinese guys from my university who went to Kyoto for the summer, and they came back saying that Japanese guys don't look manly enough...and then, I also know these two girls from Japan, who keep on falling in love with white guys who later turn out to be gay (and thus the girls are heartbroken)

I once saw a study that showed that American women find either Leonardo DiCaprio or Sean Connery more attractive depending on the time of the month...(i.e. hormonal cycles turn maternal instincts/instincts that help procreation on and off) Are Japanese women stuck in the Leonardo DiCaprio phase of the month all year around?

I haven't actually lived in Japan, so I don't know if Japanese women actually go for those androgynous types...

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