Sapparo 2
July 30 2001 at 10:35 AM

Well, I`ve been in Sapporo a few days now and I definitely like what I see... There are a few possibilities lined up that I`ll report about later.

To Kris... to answer your earlier question...

I`m an American and my nickname Pint doesn`t come from drinking strangely enough. Back in Uni I was on the basketball team (walkon/practice player) and in the summer before my first year I reported early to do conditioning and strength training. For the lifting part I oddly got paired with the biggest guy on the team while I was the smallest. He went about 7' (2.12m) 260lbs. (120kg?) and well..... I`m a bit smaller than that. One day he was doing shoulder presses in front of the mirror and I was spotting him from behind. After a few reps he stopped and said "Where you at?" He was so big that you honestly could not see me standing behind him and when I did poke my head around and you see this little white head sticking out of his armpits. Then he said "You ain`t even half a me, you a half-pint" From then on he called me half-pint later shortened to pint. And that was my name on the team for the next 4 years... in fact the later incoming freshman always didn`t know my first name until I had to tell them several weeks later.

If anybody who knows me personally were to read this they would know right away who I am.... oh well....

Later... Pint

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