August 28 2002 at 5:24 AM

Response to Rules for pedestrians:

At least in Beijing and Shanghai most of the time there isn't a little green man to help you across the road, and I can't remember seeing a pedestrian crossing ever (though that's the same as most metropolitan areas I guess).

The way to do it in China is simple (as pointed out by my ex's grandmother) - just step out into the road. As long as the driver has the opportunity to apply the brakes, they will. Of course, there might be tooting, but you'll hardly notice coz everyone else is tooting anyway.

Thing is, in China if you hit someone while driving (or riding your bike) you lose your license. For a lot of ppl, that also means they lose their income. They'll stop before they hit you, I promise you that. (in fact, traffic in the city wouldn't go much faster than 20km/h anyway). It's a bit scary the first time, just walking out in front of an oncoming car, but as long as you walk with a consistent pace you'll be ok.



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