September 4 2001 at 2:27 PM

Response to Advice

you have to understand how Japan is different. It's illegal stateside too, but Japan .. it works differently. You as a gaijin stand out so much more in everything you do. Read that article well, and the ones linked to it, because that's only police brutality. If you get fucked up in organized crime because of any of this, that's totally different.

Yep, fallin' down piss drunk doesn't seem much fun in the American perspective, but you really must understand how alchohol fuels the Japanese nightlife. The average night-out in the rock scene in Japan is to hit a concert, whether you're performing or watching, at around 4pm, then there's the afterparty at some club or in some circles an all-you-can-drink dive off the beaten path for a D.O.D. (drink or die), then there's drunken karaoke en masse until the sun comes up when you all wander home.

That's one theme on the popular 'night out'.. and I tell you, fucked up shit happens when you're drunk in Tokyo.

And it doesn't have to do with your music. If you think music sets the stage for the only acceptable behaviour within a subculture... idunno man. There's just as many joints being passed around at rock concerts. But in Japan, you have a different vibe.. I don't know for hiphop in Tokyo, admittedly I think hiphop is shitty music, but that's my opinion to have. I know a lot of the black guys living the ultra-urban Tommy Hilfiger-Fubu type lifestyle spent a lot of their time hustling in Kabuki-chou and were involved in organized crime. I also know a lot of the Japanese wannabe's liked picking fights with people like my ex because they liked rock music, which I think is a sad, sad way to live. I also know that because of this preset profile, your life in Japan will probably be a bit more aggravated than mine is in Tokyo. I'm just a dumb blonde punk. The most I'm expected to be doing is going to loud concerts and drinking.

If you want to smoke in Japan, great, it is your choice. They're just saying to watch out and I'm echoing that sentiment. Weed is different in Japan, like a lot of things. It doesn't have the same rebellious-60's "everyone does it" attitude that weed in America has. It's considered a drug, a serious jail-a-ble offense, and less people do it there than you might expect. My best advice if you're going to seriously start tokin' is to be smart with where you're doing it and to adjust to how Tokyo works before you start searching for dealers.


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