the worst 2 WEEKS of my life....part 1 ; the cops!
May 15 2001 at 1:52 PM

Response to The shittiest day of your life..

filled with highs and lows the worst time of my life was summer of 1998 about 2 months before i left for Japan...

My parents had just opened an envelope with their tickets to mexico. calling me into the room, they asked "so have you got your arrangements for the 2 weeks we are away?" "yes, i sure do im going camping" i replied, with a boldfaced lie.
I had been planning a week long party at my house the night that my parents left and so that morning my friend came by to mock picking me up to go camping...
I had nothing but an empty duffle (sp) bag....with a couple of barbells and a towel to conceal them. So i headed out that morning a couple hours before my parents left. You see my parents never trusted me alone in the house, and are very anal about having their house secure, as i later found out....

I came back around 3pm, tried to open the door but it wouldnt open...i went to the neighbors house to check for a spare key (thinking it was my key) and when he saw me he asked why i wasnt camping...OH shit!, my parents must have told him...I had to think of something quick, "yeah, i forgot my tent, stupid me.." another lie, I dont even own a tent,...anyways turns out that my step-dad had vise-gripped the doors closed (we got in through the garage) and i reassured my neighbor i'd be leaving in a little while, he left. As i rummaged through the house trying not to trip the laser sensors, i noticed a spare set of keys to the camero...<chuckle> I had never driven stick.

I immediately called another friend over, (who would eventually be my driving instructor), we replanned the party, called everone to postpone it one night,,,we were going to have to work out the kinks, now knowing that the neighbors know that im not supposed to be home...but we decided to go for a little joy ride to kind of ease the stress in having to work out this party....To say the least i learned how to drive stick, mind you i burned the clutch and tires in the meantime...aww the memories, burnouts and all...

well, having had enough of driving i let my other friend learn too. Im telling u i was shitting my pants this guy couldnt even drive auto...but it was fun.

so around 10pm, after dropping everyone off at home,,,and crusing around downtown at 40 km/h
I came home...completely forgot about the fact that a car cannot move itself from the inside of the garage to the outside on its own, i parked the car in the driveway and went inside.

flicked on the front light, again forgetting that at any moment my neighbor decides to look out his window at my house he'd see that theres someone in my house.
anyways, i have a shower and all the lights go out an i lay my head on the pillow....
SIRENS!, I remember about 8 cruisers jetting towards my house from my bedroom window....BANG BANG BANG!
well, startled and half naked, i throw on a robe and open the door, my eyes half squinting as 4 officers jump into the house and shine their flashlights in my face...i can see out the back window that theres a k-9 unit combing my backyard...what the @#%$@# is going on? I ask, "maybe you can tell us?" they retort.
ME; I live here
cop; prove it
me; hands a drivers license over
cop; we had a call from a neighbor that
someone was trespassing in this house....
me; well i dont know what your talking about, cause i live here!
cop; are you supposed to be here
me; yes
cop; that not what your neighbors have told us
well, my parents apparently told another couple on the street that i was going camping and they said that if i came home they were to call the police.

long story short, I WAS REMOVED FROM MY OWN HOUSE ON THE REQUEST OF MY PARENTS ! who mind you were less then impressed,
well, i was then questioned about the camero in the driveway, I made up a bullshit excuse that i rolled it back to reach some shit in the!
well, im telling you cops in my town are pretty fucking of them said throw on some clothes you have 1 minute to leave the house.
and another grabbed my empty duffle bag (remember the one with the dumbbells) well standing outside a locked house at 1am, no spare clothes, bed, or plans to sabotage the world, makes for a pretty interesting 10 days....i hate to say it but
my hands be continued


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