June 7 2001 at 1:19 AM

Response to So....

Oscar was talking about wierd coincidences, and I believe there is more behind coincidences than meets the eye. Do any of you have a certain time on the clock that seems to be there every time you look at a clock? The time I always used to see was 4:20. I hope most of you know the origin of this special time. Well it seemed like everyday I would look at the clock and it would always be that time. I'm pretty sure my clock was'nt broken either.

I believe we're all interconnected with eachother and the universe, but something is blocking that connection right now. I might sound like a hippy but it's true. coincidences aren't just coincidences, and once you start noticing them they're gonna start happening more. Say you bump into some dude on the street you have'nt seen for a while. There's a reason you crossed paths in that space at that time. You should always stop and talk to them and try yo find out what the purpose of your meeting was. Try to think of a current problem or question you have in your life and see if this dude could help you out. But if you just walk by this guy both of yall are probably missing out on something. What if the dude was rich and just moved in next door to hue heffner, and he had a helicopter or some shit.

One crazy coincidence happened to me up in northern thailand in chiang mai, a city that boasts a population of about 200 000, so lonely planet says but it seemed like way mor than that. I was walking my girl to her sisters school one morning in early february about a month into my trip. Me and my friends were expecting our buddy coming from australia that day. We had'nt seen him in a year cause he was working down in ozzie. His trip consisted of like 30 hours on a train. He got death threats in hat yai at the train station because some guy thought he was american. How is that for your first 15 minutes in thailand. He was wearing a north carolina jersey, and the guy kept walking back and forth doing the thumb to the neck slicing gesture. The guy finally came up to him and said "so you're an american right"

"no I'm canadian"
"oh i'm so sorry, a million apologies"
The guy was so sorry it was unbelivable, and then he went off on how much he hates americans. It' so funny seeing americans pretending to be canadian. I had nothing like that ever happen to me and I feel more comfortable and safe walking down a dark alley in bangkok at 4 am with ten stray diseased dogs around me, plus 5 kickboxing ladyboys then I do sitting on my couch watching a home security alarm infomercial. Sorry for the side track, anyways my plan was to walk my girl to the school and the go back to the guesthouse and see if my buddy arrived. We're walking down some side streets and we turn left onto some alley (alleys are also streets in thailand) We're walking along hand in hand when I se some falong poke out of a coffee shop about 20 meters ahead. Then I hear my name called out, at first I think it's just one of my other buddies that I'd been travelling with. I take a closer look and it's the dude I have'nt seen in a year just chilling on some side street in chang mai waiting for the internet place to open so he could find out where we were staying. I was pretty ecstatic. He was talking to the owner of the coffee shop who was an american woman while he waited. He told me she was just telling him about the dangers of thai girls and how he should just stay away from them, and then I come rolling down the street with some chick. She was'nt impressed.

This one was too much to just pass off as a coincidence, and I had a lot more of them happen to me on my travels, but I'm a slow typer so thats it for now. I read a book called The "Celestine prophecy" and it cleared up why these coincidences were happening. read the book, the story's fictional, but the ideas are real.


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