The weird shit is....
December 3 2000 at 4:38 AM

Response to What do you think this forum is all about?

That people who contribute are completely anonymous they seriously think someones gonna stop them on the street and say 'Hey man, I read your "I love getting shafted in the Ass by J-girls" article, don't deny it wasn't you!'...nah..that shit'll never happen. As far as good essays go, and being intimidated by them..well, no one gives a toss if what people write is a little unsculptured, and people can always e-mail me to delete it if it bugs them.

Yeah that secret of Japanese babes article did suck. The guy who wrote it is basically a good guy, and if he re-wrote it with more humour (read, a LOT more humour) and less arrogance I'd even consider posting it up again.

People, post away...shit, this is YOUR forum.



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