Re: Digressions... a fucking whole lot of them
May 7 2002 at 4:41 PM

Response to Digressions... a fucking whole lot of them

Yup, put her out of her misery man. Have you ever been in that situation? A whole year loving someone who doesn't even . It's the kind of situation that leaves scars for life.
How to go about it? I've been in that situation before (and I still regret it). The best way for her is to let her make the cut. After your last email she probably won't though. So you gotta do it. Make her feel good, make it your fault and make it sound dramatic. Tell her you loved her but that it could not be for whatever reason (your parents want you to marry a local girl, you're a crackhead, whatever that conclusive). Tell her you'll keep the best memory of her and apologize again. That should leave her with an interesting life story to treasure and -maybe- not damage her as much as the alternatives.
Good luck.
Oh, and make it clear that's your last email.

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