That's the best part!
November 23 2000 at 10:19 AM

Response to My Review

Splatter movies and porno flicks are best when they are cheezy.

I suppose we don't share the same tastes, but this guy was highly entertaining for me (though a tad less than educational) and it didn't bother me that his methods seemed too technical (which is to say, unromantic) or that it made things look more difficult than it is (which is to say, it was overkill). My erstwhile best friend (with whom I had a falling-out) was just like this guy, and his post brought back all the memories of teenage good times for me.

I know there are gaijins (and J-guys) out there who are really living thier lives this way (notes, files and all). Nobody (not even me) is saying that this is a lifestyle to be emmulated, but, man , does it make a good story! I really hopes he will write again!


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