August 2 2001 at 8:05 PM

Response to okay

Well, it's cool to have another woman here. I'm glad you've come by the English site, Tsugumi. Your problem is one of the hardest for women getting into a new relationship. Men are fickle by nature, and operate to get sex, whether they're in love with the girl or not. So, it's a difficult job-- trying to figure out exactly what they want from you, and exactly how they feel about you.

I don't know any good answer. I guess the only thing you can do is try to take it slowly with a guy you're unsure about. Try to judge him on his actions rather than on what he says. Do what you want to do, only AFTER you know he's the right person for you. If you want a fling, go for it full force. But, if you feel like you'll get hurt, don't invest your feelings until you trust him and his feelings.

If I understood your remark about "I can keep platonic but we are not child" correctly, then I want to say that guys won't dislike you because you refuse to sleep with them. Maybe I'm giving away trade secrets, but the guys who feel a real connection with you will stick around until you want to have a sexual relationship.


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