Kris, 1st time and your site and i'm hooked
August 1 2000 at 6:36 PM

Hey dude, I give u 2 toes and 2 thumbs up man, your site rocks. I was born in Hong Kong and have been livin in the US now for over 10 years. Been surfin to a few asian-related sites but most of them are pretty lame. Stumbled onto ur site by accident, and damn...can't get enough of your fine pieces of kick-ass literatures. Quite different from other lame-ass "hey see my site and u'll be engligtened" expert-wannabe sites, f*** dude to sum it up you're down to earth and no bull shit. Man you really know how to write. Hey Kris if you ever plan to go to Hong Kong give me a ring and we'll go sweep the territories and scour for babes, i'll be your babe-tour-guide hahah!!! keep it up and hope to see many more fine articles in the future, rock on!!!


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