Japanese Pizza
September 1 2000 at 4:28 PM

Response to Yep, "Moe's Asiaphile Profile" = Lame

Ah, we have arrived at what I have dubbed the "Shakey's Conundrum".

It's true, Japanese Pizza is odd. But no odder than steel soda cans and aluminum coins, or old ladies with purple hair. White sauce and corn is something akin to blasphemy if you are a real Pizza fanatic as I am, but it doesn't taste bad...it only excites our American sense of amusement.

If you want to offer your Japanese friends an equivilantly amusing or shocking innovation of their national cuisine, ask them their opinion of cheese sushi. Most will retch at the very thought.

Doesn't sound all that good to me, but it's a good conversation starter or stopper, depending. I generally pull that one out of my bag of tricks when my friends try to insist how pizza has been "appropriated" by Japan and those topings are "legal" ones.

As far as Pizza not being "American," I don't know if I agree. The I-ty's in Chicagoland might disagree with you on that one. Most really great pizza places there have some direct connection to first generation Italian immigrants.


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