True Prejudice
March 26 2002 at 1:17 AM

Noting that the thread below is going to be deleted sooner or later, let me make a small point in a new thread.

dude, those japanese actor guys can't cut it here because of white racism!!! If this damn place wasn't so rife with prejudice against asian dudes, different standards of beautiful people would be accepted no matter where they were from!!! They're the real asians, not willing to bulk up just to seek white validation! you should realize and shut up in the future!!!!!

On second thought, I don't think this post is funny enough to have been posted by either Eli or Kris.

This guy is saying that the obstacles faced by Asian actors, which I suggested could be overcome by pumping a little iron, is in fact insurmountable, and nothing short of complete irradication of racism will afford them stardom.

What if Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington and Halle Berry thought that way?
Would we have had the 74th Academy Awards?

I may be a sellout in the eyes of those sour pusses who buy into the dogma, but in my eyes they are the ones who are true obstacles to advance and progress of Asian artists.

I reiterate my position that I posted on the BBS.
The best way to change the perception of Asian males as sexless geeks is for every Asian guy to get out there and get themselves laid and earn a little nortoriety as womanizing studs.

And the equivalent can be said for everything else, including acting.

An Asian actor has just as much a chance of suceeding in Hollywood as an Asian baseball player has a chance of becoming an MVP in the Major Leagues. It's a near impossible task for anybody. It was near impossible for Sidney Poitier. It can't be any more impossible for an Asain actor today.


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