Of course
March 17 2002 at 12:21 AM

Response to Sorry dude

Understand that my "P.S." was a joke but this poll is also something I have done a fair bit of research on myself and I think the results misrepresent the facts.

Of course it misrepresents the facts. The polls on this website only represent the opinions of the people who visit this forum.
If the poll was taken among a broader spectrum of people the result would be opposite. I know that.

BTW, I was joking too. I guess it takes a little while to get used to the rough-around-the-edges sense of humor that is prevalent around here.

One more thing, that poll is skewed not only in the kind of people who voted, but also in the variety of Japanese guys they are talking about. And, as I pointed out, I am the only J-guy on this forum.

Now how'd you like them apples?



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