Supermarket Skills
August 19 2000 at 3:59 PM

Response to Supermarkets in Japan

Actually I was going to write a report on this in a few days time but for now I'll just go over the basics. First of all I was always the approachee, I can't believe the number of messages on this forum from guys that have gone to Japan and have had to approach the women themselves. What's all that about eh?

As for the actual skills and really, though I suppose you could try looking lost, that always helps in Japan. Most of the time I'd be looking around the different departments (in those freaking huge department stores) and a sexy shop assistant would come over to 'help' me. Yeah you may think that shes only doing it to make a quick sale (not that I bought anything) but since when does helping the customer involve arranging to meet up and go out after work?

As for the supermarkets, not only do you get the shop assistants but also the housewives, which can sometimes be equally as sexy. A common case would be when I was looking at some weird food package and a lady would come over to explain what it was. You know how it goes, wed talk about what type of food it was and all that stuff before getting to know each other a little better and taking it from there. By the way, this is also an easy way to pick up students for private English lessons, remember that when your broke!

Truth is that there is no real skill and I bet plenty of you can agree with me when I say that picking up women in Japan is piss easy for anyone gaijin. D.H. when you arrive in Japan just go with the flow and the women will come, trust me. It happens without you having to think about it.



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