it is papylloma... thanks for the info
May 22 2002 at 3:16 AM
god of liquids 

Response to mmm... no?

i know that this is a big thing to risk...but i am a pretty strange person... i think that I have a bit of the Erysicthon syndrome. I don't like to fear things... but some things we must respect. right? I don't think that this would lead to a long term relationship, but i really like this girl. honestly. so i say to myself "sex doesn't matter"... but the game is different after a wonderful evening of companionship, a few drinks, a goodnight kiss... i look into her dark eyes and its over... my reptile brain kicks in and i start to feel "ultra righteous". I like to lie to myself, saying: i could still give her pleasure, and enjoy her body also... without actually having sex. bullsh t. Well, we'll see. it looks like i might have to "keep it in my pants".

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