Nerdy guys who end up with babes....
September 2 2000 at 3:25 PM

Response to You'll be a nerd in Japan

I just wanted to comment on the whole "only nerds date asian women" stereotype. It's funny because, I never considered myself a nerd when I met my first Japanese girlfriend. And I'd never even heard of that stereotype before I'd started this page - I think it must be more well-known in the USA than here in the UK. At the time I just thought that she was hot and that was all, and didn't go out with her because of any desperation in my life. I was a little bit gawky at the time, sure, but I still had a few western girls I knew who liked me, I just didn't fancy them that was all. I find English birds to be a bit 'man-like' most of the time. when I met that gf I just thought she was a lot finer looking than the other women in my life, and came to realise what a lovely personality she had. Her femininity was what really hooked me into thinking, "Umm, asian women are definately different". Even when we broke up, I still never felt attracted to blonde hair/blue eyes/big tits, I always went straight for asian birds, just out of preference, and with the knowledge that they were often seemingly more loving than western chicks.
Then I started this site and realised, bloody hell, am I not the only guy who digs Asian chicks and yet isn't a nerd? I really didn't expect that this site would attract those kind of lonely people, but judging by some of the mail I get, a lot of people seem to think that I must also be some secretive geeky dude, with 1 inch spectacles, who sits hunched over his computer all night jerking my gherkin over all the Japanese porn on my PC. Actually, the truth is that I get on perfectly well with western girls, always have done, and have a lot of what normal guys would see as 'sexy' friends that are women, but I just don't usually see them as partner material. It always feels weird for me to be found attractive by western women after having just gone out with asian girls so much. And quite often when I've been asked out I've had to make up the most unlikely bullshit excuses because it just sounds too strange to say 'Sorry love, you were born in the wrong continent for me'

Come to think of it, I only ever met a few other 'regular' joes who were strictly asian-only guys in Japan. All the others were like, techo geeks who'd never had a girlfriend. Hey, are there any normal people out there???

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