The Shame...
May 6 2002 at 6:33 PM

Response to Somebody Slap Me

...when one of our brethren falls weak to the temptation dark side, even though back door is a rare pleasure of the flesh, the idea of committing such a hideous crime burns deep inside the heart of the AAA world wide. How you have fallen on hard times brother, there is no honour in what you have done and redemption will be a difficult task. Put it down as a drunken mistake, a foolish moment of weakness and insanity, and return home to the smooth flesh of your Asian girlfriend. Spend at least two hours of passionate sex and then, just maybe, your shame can be lost and your re-birth into the AAA will herald a magnificent new dawn. From that time on, your Cornflakes will no longer be soggy.


PS. And donít tell her about it, no matter how guilty you feel, you want to keep your balls right?


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