Gotta admit I was skeptical at first.
April 24 2002 at 10:47 AM

Response to Riots of Laughter

But after watching a documentary about the treatment of prisoners in Japan, I feel that honestly there won't be that much trouble. Even the most evil hooligan would think twice about wasting someones izaka after seeing the kind of shit that goes on in there, and to foreigners.

Distance is another thing, most trouble-makers can't really afford the kind of money it takes to get over there and stay in hotels all over the shop. The reason hooligans looted France is because it's a cheap place to get to special deals to get over there for 1 at set times of the year. Even welfare scroungers can afford that.

I read about another factor, spouses. English wives don't want their husbands that far away, it's too expensive to keep in touch that far away, it's too strange and distant a land, it's Japan man. All most Brits know about Japan is that they talk funny over there, and they have ancestors that did daft things like cut out their stomachs because they were told to.

I think the Japanese are ready, and the clear message "DO NOT FUCK AROUND IN JAPAN" is ringing around these here streets, so I wouldn't panic.
Yeah the hooligans are dangerous, but they're pack animals. If they sniff fear, they'll attack. If you take down the leader, they'll run. There's nothing innately pyschotic about them, they just have a few drinks too many and lose it a little. They are not murderers. What the Japanese will do is to make a huge example of the the first one of them to piss about, and that will be it. Word will get around, and that will be that.


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