May 28 2002 at 3:13 AM

Response to Mizu shoubai

Mizu Shoubai. I think is pretty neutral in Japan. Neither good nor bad, just is.

My wife has been a hostess and was a 'bunny girl', serving drinks in an illegal casino. When I quized her on this part of her past, and particularly what her folks thought of this, I was surprised at the frankness and general openess of the overall subject. Her parents didn't mind at all.(Her parents met when her mother was herself working as a hostess back in the seventies and her now father was a customer!)

One thing I've noticed about Japanese is that they are not burdened with years of Judeo-Christian moral conditioning. In other words, they don't have the sexual hangups that westerners do. Bonking is fun, healthy, relaxing and NORMAL.

The cause and effect of all this is 120 million people crowding every available flat surface of this small chain of islands.

The only thing I really dissagree with is the mass exploitation of poor, South East Asian, or Eastern European girls. But that happens everywhere.

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