A sober response..
August 25 2002 at 2:38 PM
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Response to Oh man...

How drunk was I last night anyway? I can't even remember writing that..


Anyway, being on the dole is only fun for a short while. It's a good giggle until you spend your first half hour waiting in line for a paltry sum of money you could earn in a day working down the meat factories. And nothing could be worse than those perennial 'Restart' groups where they stick you in a room for 4 weeks with some remedials that've been out of work for 20 years, and you gotta start talking your life story to some frumpy, middle-aged woman with no shrink qualifications, who has just gotten off the dole herself.

As for the student gig, well, fair enough, of course it gets you in debt, but it's at the best repayment %you'll ever get in your life. 4 years free!! then it's 8.9% for the banks, and like, nothing to the student loans company until you're earning over 10,000 a year.
Sure, it screws you up in the way that you'll not be able to go to Uni later on unless you pay your own way, but if you'd already decided you didn't want to become a university student, then why not?
Of course, if you blow it on booze like LadyKiller 2 degrees (or is it a doctorate now?) says, then yeah, that is stupid, but what I would have done with that money would be to use it to start a new life in Japan, or travel the world..stuff that justifies getting into debt. Everybody gets into debt anyway, but there is a difference between good debt, and bad debt. Good debt brings a passive income, a new life experience, or long lasting joy and happiness. Bad debt is when you get money and waste it, leaving you in the shit. What's the easiest way to get rich?
Other peoples money!! Debt that acts as an investment.
Think about it, the more money you've got, regardless as to whether or not it's actually yours, the more money you can make from it. Debt is only a bad thing if you are stupid with the money that you acquire.

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