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September 3 2002 at 1:09 AM

Last night I stayed up all night and watched movies. For those of you on the New YD Forum, you may remember that I have a rendesvouz with a certain someone at 7pm tonight which will last at least until 11pm. It's about 2:00 :S Ten more hours, ten more hours ... Anyway, the movies were all nice and free courtesy of the thousands of users of a certain P2P media sharing program. BTW, I don't have TV and never go to the theater or read in-depth reviews before I see a film, so I think these are fairly accurate but it's just my opinion.

The Matrix: I went all out on 'big films' last night so I thought I'd start with this one. The first time I saw this film was last year, on a 19" archaic mono-sound TV with my family. This time it was on a 17" monitor and 4.1 surround system by my lonesome. Having viewed the film before was a monstrous plus. I got to catch all the little bits of dialogue that I missed before, and it was good to have an overview of the story in my head from the start so I could focus on visuals. Often copied but never surpassed, 'bullet-time' and the other visual effects were as presentable as ever. My only gripe, and it is a small one, is that this film only functions as a setup. As with the upcoming X2 (the 2nd X-Men film), the first was just supposed to introduce certain characters and interactions in a large universe to give us base knowledge, while the next film(s) will delve into the content with the assumption that we know what's going on. Looking forward to the sequels all the more now.

The Lord of the Rings: First time seeing this one. Never read any of the books. The plot ambled on just a little at some points, but usually they were showing off the beatiful scenery and if felt like great pacing overall. The scenes in this film, computer enhanced and not, really showed amazing cinematography. The imagery was just wonderful, as was the story. They both will hold up for many years to come. The screenplay was a little predictable but there are a few lines thrown in there that will not be what you expect. Pretty much everything that happens is obvious, but oh so enjoyable nevertheless. It was really a good experience. Not really a movie to see if you're looking for asian babes, but I will bow down and kiss the feet of the guy who plays the elven archer. He has like no lines in the film but he has a fucking awesome demeanor and silent, get-shit-done attitude that really wasn't shown enough in the film. The only issue here is the same as with the Matrix but even worse this time. With the Matrix there was some small bit of closure, although he did just realize his potential at the end. However, LoTR felt like it was going into a scene change, but it ended! I said 'What?!' to the air. Still, it makes me want, nay, NEED to see the sequel, so I guess it did its job. This should be a great epic when its all done, like the Matrix trilogy, and not get all lost and stupid and shit like Lucas on Star Wars.

The Beach: Okay, so this one's not a 'big' movie. But it fucking ought to be. The review is in the YD Movie Reviews already. If you're the type who doesn't like to know the story ahead of time, don't read the review there because it gives away a little much. Not any more than any ad would do, but if you want to abstain entirely than you shouldn't read it. Regardless of whether you read any reviews, just go watch it. Watch it now. If you've seen it, watch it again. It was my first time seeing this movie, but I have a list of memorable quotes on my PC now about a page long. If you've ever traveled, especially internationally, especially in search of 'fun' and 'adventure,' or wanted to, you have to watch this movie. Really, it'll have you thinking for a good long while. The downside is, if you are a closet hick who could give a shit less about the outside world or fun, you would think this movie sucks. Really, this movie can be stupid fun, but the last 45 minutes or so nobody will be laughing. It hits hard at some points and there are many points of discussion. Hear hear for Leo doing something other than chick flicks (Titanic? Hello?! you suck!), I knew the boy had it in him.

I probably won't do this again. Maybe when I shag that girl tonight I'll write about the movie that was the background noise instead. Yoko would be proud at that. I need a nap.

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