Lonely in London
March 22 2002 at 3:32 PM

Calling all Londoners: I have an old friend, a Japanese girl, who is new to London, studying English, looking for a language partner. I told her I “knew” people in London who might be interested. Thinking about how to describe her, I’m reminded of the Onion article about the Japanese girl at a Midwest university. You remember, “Everyone wants one!” I wouldn’t go off and say she is hot, she isn’t fat, but she has a borderline mental personality, and is fun as hell to hang around with. I used to call her “the gremlin” and my ex-girlfriend and her friends used to call her Picasso, because she clearly does not think like us regular folk; she’s also a good artist. This IS NOT your average j-girl. She won the room in a j-party game of truth or dare, shocking the hell out of everyone to such an extent I thought some were going to leave. All said, she is great, she is a whack-job, and she is in London looking for a language exchange partner. If anyone is interested email me and I’ll forward you her email address: mikedynamite (at) hotmail dot com



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