Yeah I totally agree with you, yy
July 30 2001 at 8:18 PM

Response to Untitled

Ok this will be a little controversial here. But I'm not fully AAA (haven't been with an asian girl in over a year), so here goes.

There is a big difference between preferring Asian girls and having an Asian "fetish". When people ask me about liking asian girls I usually describe it like this; some people like blondes, some people like brunettes, some people like black hair and almond eyes. But that is a far cry from someone who only dates Asians, just because they are Asian and for no other reason. If you are in a position where you can get all Asians all the time then go for it, but it's a little weird to just totally not be attracted to any kind of girl who isn't... I mean, you NEVER saw an attractive white girl, EVER? That is just weird and a bit boring. I think some people on this forum are regular AAA, and some are actually fetishists. I won't name names though

One thing I can say is that I prefer Japanese girls' personalities because in general (yeah I know the dangers of generalizing) they are more honest about their feelings. It's kind of refreshing compared to most American girls who are always trying to manipulate you, and you can never tell what their real motives are for acting a certain way. It is definitely a character trait worthy of emulation.

On a side note, I also tend to like "Freakazoids", in other words girls who are more, uh, interesting. Punks, skins, girls who just are just plain old non-conformists. I like the water to run deep.

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