cute waitress off limits?
May 6 2002 at 4:17 AM

newbie here...checked the FAQ...i apologise if this is off topic...

but...i ran into a beautiful japanese girl at a small restaurant. been back a few times since. ready to get back in the game after nearly a year of being single...

anyhow my friend says that i'm crazy to ask her out. i say bullshit. he claims any waitress is just doing her job by being nice, making eye contact, etc. and makes it easy for guys to fall for them.

i don't know...i've never been one to shy away from asking a girl out...but he's starting to make me have second thoughts.

i'll go for it anyway i think...but how should i go about it?

it's too crowded and busy to ask her out as i normally would at a bar, etc. when she's not working. thought of giving here a note, gift, etc. with my number in it. could just ask her for her number...but i've learned in the past that can embarass a girl (esp. when working). any ideas? i don't have the patience to wait two months to make it easier!

thanks for any opinions...i'll give it another week i think!

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