I remember...
June 4 2001 at 9:09 PM

Response to backwards...

Some of the crazes back in the late 80s-late 90s...

Russ Trolls, Ninja Turtles, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tamagotchi, Power Rangers, Barney, Beanie Babies, Scooters, Pogs, Pokemon, Furby... Just to name a few

Is it just me, or does it seem most of the fastest growing/fastest fading fads are aimed towards children? Also, I wonder how they get these fads to catch on. I remember Beanie Babies marketing was carefully planned out; they'd only ship so many of each quantity per month, and only to 'specialty' liscened stores. Also, customers were only allowed to purchase three or four at a time. But something like Tamagotchi was available everywhere. You could find them anywhere and everywhere...from Toys R Us, to Target, to even SoHo in the mall carried them. But if I remember right, the 'Tamagotchi fad' faded much faster than the Beanie Baby one...That one seemed to linger around for a couple of years before sizzling out.

It's funny to see beanie babies marked down to only 3.99 a piece, when I can remember times when they would sell for hundreds, sometimes thousands (Remember that one man who bought that 'Peanut the royal blue elephant' for a couple thou?) of dollars. I even remember hearing stories from friends, working at McD's, telling me how they'd see a customer order 20 happymeals and toss all the food out just for the 'teeny beany baby' toy. (It was cheaper than having to order a combo meal and then pay an additional buck tacked on for it..)

The nextdoor neighboor girl herself owned probably 200 of the damned things. She seemed to think that over the years they'd appreciate in value and be worth even more than they already are. (She suggested them being worth about an average 20 dollars each) I hate to tell her this, but that only happens when there's a demand for that sort of product. A major factor of what distinguishes something for a piece of junk to an antique or a collectable is when there's actually a significant amount of people still searching for, and paying to find. For some reason I can't really see people collecting beanie babies 10 years from now...Just like there aren't too many people collecting those cute little russ trolls like they once did.

I guess for now her little collection will serve as a dust magnet until she can find a better use for them all. I guess I'm just as bad...I still have a few trolls and beanie babies, as well as a couple tamagotchis I've kept just for nostalgia's sake.

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