Real Japanese?
August 28 2000 at 4:36 AM

Response to Kansai ben: We Don't All Understand

Um, Kansai-ben is "real" Japanese. It predates the Tokyo dialect by quite a bit (you forget, Edo was a backwater until the 1600's). I'm not a japanese teacher. Never thought it was a big deal. I usually use romanized Japanese in my posts to convey something specific about the way the phrase was said, and this necessitates the use of the language it was spoken in. I don't concern myself with who knows and who doesn't...the few who get it will get it.

If you don't speak it, use logical infrence. If that doesn't work, you can ask, if your understanding of the entire topic was trashed by the use of some kansai dialect. If you want to use a dialect you're more comfortable with, it's cool with me.

Here's a crash course in Kansai.

Taberu, tabenai, tabenakatta (kanto)
Taberu, tabehen, tabehenkatta (kansai)



Desu ne/da ne/

In short, "nai" becomes "hen". "Nakatta" becomes "henkatta". "Desu" becomes "ya" "Baka" becomes "aho" A bunch more. After learning standard Japanese in Chiba, I immediately recognized in Kansai dialect a much more "friendly" and "warm" tone...more earthy and real. Tokyo lingo is...well, rather stale by comparison. I think Tokyo Language is "sexier" though, but that's probably different for everyone.



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