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May 15 2001 at 4:08 AM

Response to Come on guys..

This would of turned out shitty if we were caught. But someone some unknown being blessed that very day for me. If my mother EVER found out, she would probably develop an ulcer, then turn around and strangle me.


My parents have a cabin? Right? Right. Well it was a couple years ago nearing the summer time, and my parents knowing all too well I dislike sitting up at the cabin. The Result: They left late Friday night and I got the place all day Saturday and Sunday. Being this was a time I hung out with more of the 'bad' kids at school (mind you knowing I don't smoke, but I'll drink), I decided to phone 'Lizz' up and invite her and a couple friends to crash at my house for the weekend. I told her smokes were allowed, but absolutely NO other drugs. She agreed to it, and I told maybe or three more friends they were welcome to do the same.

The night of the 'crashover':

A little earlier than the time I scheduled the 'crashover' to take place, Lizz shows up at my door. "Oh yah. I decided to invite some of my friends over. Don't worry, everything's under control.", Lizz says calmly. Well about an hour later I had probably a good 20-25 kids crashing at my house. Her friends decided to invite their friends, and so on and so on. All of us were huddled around the family room table chain smoking and doing the normal rounds of 'gossip' and storytelling any gang of teens would do. Some guy I haven't seen since the party (or before it for that matter) asks if he could light a stougie (A joint of weed :P), and without the thought of ILLEGAL DRUG running through my mind, I nod my head. Soon he was passing the thing around and it was getting chainsmoked. Everything was cool though. I had the filter fan running in that room, and the music was turned down to a low volume to where the next door neighboors wouldn't be able to hear it. A few people wanted to step outside on the back porch (probably to make out), which had me worried the neighboors would see them, and a couple asked me if I had a 'room' they could have for themselves. Seeing that my parents room was a bad choice (for obvious reasons), the 'guest bedroom' was in pieces, and my room was totally off limits...I showed them to the only other available room, which happened to be my brothers. I showed them to the room which theme was "The Lion King"; The walls were painted a bright jungle green, the sheets were multicolored with little simba prints, and the walls were covered with posters from the movie. I can't tell you what happened next, but something tells me they had a little feelup session. I quickly left the upstairs after I showed them to the room. Another chick requested a spot in the house where she could be alone with this guy she had just met. All she wanted was a roon by themselves with a place to sit. I showed them to the couch in the computer room, where I later found out she gave him head.

Later on in the night, some 20 year old chick named "Christie" shows up at my door with a couple bottles of rum and some coke. The whole group lines up to grab a glass. (All the while the back of my head I'm thinking "If I get caught, I may never live another day" on the otherhand "If I don't act cool, these people will think I'm sort of paranoid freaky chick") After awhile everyone leaves except for Nikki, who reassures me everything will be alright, and she'll help me bury the 'evidence'. (I think she crashed the night, I honestly don't remember) The next morning we woke up bright and early (like 5 am) and tossed anything suspcious in a plastic sack. I stuck the sack in my backpack and Nikki and I went for a short 'walk' to this one foresty area, where I buried the sack hoping I'd never have to look at it again. We then walked back to my place, hung out for awhile, went to pick up some lunch at BK and ate it together, then she left for work. Lizz, Ironically showed up at my house while I was gone and (not surprisingly) invited herself in. She had brought her boyfriend, Adam, and some other dude over to 'hang out' and use my internet. We hung out for awhile, but the other dudes (excluding Lizz and her bf) had this urge to get out and do something. So we drive up to the comic shop and grocery store to browse and pick up a few things. When I get back, I heard Lizz and her current bf getting it on down in my basement, presumably on the couch down there. We hung out for a little while longer, then they all left for the day....

A long and probably boring story, but....Everytime I look at my brother's bed, the computer room couch, or the basement couch...I can't help but remember that little weekend of mine, and picture just exactly what the hell went on.

Maybe sometime I'll tell you about the adventures I've been with Lizz...I've been to several of her parties, as well as crashing at some dude's house we don't even know...just that he was going to visit Ken (and smoke on his porch), but his parents shoed us off, so we followed him to his place...where he drug out his hidden bong (hidden underneat a lose porch board), and his stash (hidden under a celing tile) where some of us hopped in the jacuzzi and got high.

HONESTLY I've never smoken anything in my life other than the one day I was bored off my ass so I was trying to inhale the secondhand smoke off a lit cinnamon stick. This is all the early years of highschool, so don't ask me why the hell I did it.

Now I'm a pretty clean individual Still a virgin and drug free (other than the ocassional drink ) Also, I don't talk to lizz anymore. She ended up getting forced into a marriage by her mother since she was pregnant for the 5th or 6th time and she wouldn't let her get another abortion. All my friends are all nerds now. haha. Really...well for the most part.

Anyways, I gotta go. Mom is yelling at me. X.x Chow.

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