Virgin Killer's Battlefield Debriefing: Day 2
April 26 2002 at 10:04 PM

Hi all,

Just thought I would update everyone on "round 2." As planned, my J-Chick shows up a little before 3pm. We discuss some of her legal problems and I make some phone calls. Meanwhile, she fixes us a couple of glasses of plum wine. I finish my calls and tell her I'll compile my notes over the weekend.

Anyway, we return to the sofan and drink another glass of wine. I make a few more calls for her. I read her palms for her. As if I know "jack shit" about reading palms. I made it all up. I told her it looks like she's going to have lots of international boyfriends. She only giggles.

Then, I proceed to give her another massage. Laughing and giggly, she protests. I persist. It seems that her protests were only a token effort. Finally, we're sitting there chit chatting and listening to Bossanova (seduction music if there ever was such a thing). I suggest that I come over and make dinner for her next week. She seems really keen on the idea.

After a while, she heads out to the bank before they close. Now, unless this chick is a complete retard, she knows I've got some devious plans for her. She seems to enjoy my company, but obviously I'm not making much headway.

I tend to think I should just sit back and see what happens at our dinner date. However, I'd definately appreciate any tips from you seasoned veterans out there.

The Virgin Killer

P.S. Somone wondered what this chick looks like. She's about 5'1''. 102 pounds. Slim body. Tiny waist. Nice hips. Great legs (especially her calves). Cute face. And breasts that are about the size of a couple of large grapefruits. Considering her size, the pretty damn big.



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