August 8 2000 at 12:00 AM

Thanx for replying. uhhhhh.....I don't know if this is an "all guys club". Well anyway, I am a chinese girl. Having read all of the stories here, I think they are way funny(reminded me of those TV series), hence I posted all those messages.
And to James, may I make a comment on your message? U said that HK born chinese girl is way different than China born chinese. Just from personal experience, I don't think they are that different. Sure HK is more westernized, but I grew up in Southern China, and that region is just as westernized as HK. Since I live in the US, I am americanized to a certain extent. But, NO, I am not like those psycho path mentioned here. As for all the remarks about chinese women, they are 99.9% true.

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