I'm no scientician...
July 31 2001 at 9:42 PM

Response to Textbooks, Textbooks...

but I don't think anyone ever claimed that history was a science. I have heard that economics is the dismal science, however. I'm inclined to believe it.

I was an English major, but I took a few history classes back at school and they all went a little something like this: "The war of -- occurred in -- between the nations of -- and -- for a variety of reasons, including --,--, and --." (hand goes up) "But Prof. --, doesn't that say more about us than it does about them? I mean, can we ever really say that anything 'occurred' for any 'reason'? I think the real question is, what is history?" Then there'd be a history major frenzy as each one scrambled to discredit their discipline quicker and more adeptly than the next.

Man, it was worse than a Jane Austen class, and that's saying a lot.


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