Well, I'm working on it..
August 7 2000 at 9:03 PM

Response to Reality Check

It's kind of what I'm trying to do with the book. I mean, I'm really not anybody special, I've just led kind of a charmed life, and have a good way of romantisizing (bad spelling?) fairly normal things. Okay so some really bizarre shit has happened to me, but look at the Amsterdam stuff for example, it could've just read, went to Amsterdam, didn't smoke, didn't screw anybody, met a few interesting people, but apart from that didn't do much. I just packaged it up with the high-lights really..
Sometimes though I've just thought I was the luckiest bastard alive..especially with Japan..America's 'good' but let's just say I'm not too bothered about going back to the UK. Japan really changed my life completely.
So, I mean, hopefully I'll finish this book, and it'll have a hell of a lot to do with this site. There's a chasing a girl to Japan part, a losing her in the sprawling metropolis part, exploring Japan (and New York) night-life, meeting the mysterious, exotic, but confusing Chinese girl (based on May) who really makes the guy think about his motives to find the original love of his life. Top that up with the girl he's looking for having some connections with the Yakuza that haven't been quite severed, and cause the guy to end up being chased around Tokyo and New York by gangsters and you've got the story in a nutshell.

Wish me luck


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