i'm out on day release!
May 4 2002 at 9:40 AM

Greetings dudes,

Kawamafs attempts to locate me have roused me out of my self-imposed slumber. Ifm flattered anybody even remembered I existed.

I was once a regular to this fine site (prior, that is, to my recent period of incarceration in an Azerbaijani prison with 3 big hairy dudes- ugly and smelly to boot). I hope to return shortly to regular contribution. I have nothing new to serious titillate, unless you want to hear about my boudoir antics- a predictable routine involving on average a minute of furious grunting before rolling over, snoring and dribbling on the pillow.

Actually, my recent private life is either that- private, or otherwise too banal to justify retelling.

What I can say though is that having a devoted J-GF caring for you full-time has its benefits. She seems to take a perverse masochistic satisfaction in having to endure my failings on a daily basis.

In Feb I spent some time in Tohoku and Hokkaido with the little lady, visited the folks and went skiing. I also attended Sapporofs worst Yuki Matsuri on record. Seems a freakish thaw was to blame but I think it would be crap any time- the whole thing was just over-commercialised and crowded. But Sapporo is an splendid place and those "Dosanko" chicks so damn fashionable in their winter wrappings.

Despite being partnered, I still got to sleep in a ton of new love hotels, practically a different one each night and in the Teine/Zenibako area of Sapporo. And, generally, it was nearly always to sleep and not to practice karaoke or watch TV!

If anyone wants to do that coffee table photo book on Japanfs palaces of pleasure - donft- Ifm wanna be first..

On the subject of love hotels I recently heard an alarming rumor they are likely places to pick up a Staphylococcus infection, even the seemingly clean ones. Oscar?

Before I close, a big hello to all the new dudes. Blokes with monikers like "Paizuri", "Senzuri", "Manzuri", "Virgin Killer" and "ass master"!!!! An uninformed stranger would probably assume the worst. But we are fuckinf strange menagerie of twisted deviantsc Arenft we? Guys?



PS. Shakuhachi and any other dudes in Sydney- Ifm in your city Weds and Thursday nite. I'm willing to emrge from my cloak of anonymity. Brave enuf to risk a drink with a potential psycho?


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