Re: DV Cameras Anybody????
April 30 2002 at 8:11 PM

Response to DV Cameras Anybody????

I would say buy now, rather than in Japan. The only reason to buy in Japan is if you want the very latest models that aren't yet released in other countries. Otherwise the price will be the same if not more expensive, so you can probably find something cheaper in Canada. Not to mention you don't want a Japanese manual.

Otherwise Kawama has pretty much nailed it. I would second his caution about overbuying. A cheap Digital8 camera is a good inexpensive choice that gives you the same digital editing features of DV. These days though, you can probably find a really low-end DV camera on sale (or online) around $400-$500 (US).

Size is also an important factor to consider when shopping. I have the bigger VX-2000, and I'm thinking about picking up a smaller camera for situations where I want to be less intrusive (and the VX gets heavy when you carry it around all day). I also like the Canon GL-1 and TRV-900 as good compact 3-chip cams, but you might want to go with a smaller 1-chip model for size and cost reasons.

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