Just look it up in the dictionary...
May 22 2002 at 12:56 AM

Response to Kanji for western words

...you'll find loads.

Just a few.

Gas - gasu - z
Glass - garasu - Ɏq
Joke - joku -
Can - kan -
Beer - biiru -

And there are also many that are not in the dictionary, like "Shirt" or "shatsu", that was in common usage in the Meiji period but is not often used any more. Some writers, such as Natsuhiko Kyougoku and Mayumi Nagano deliberately use obscure kanji in their novels to give them a Meiji/Taisho era atmosphere.

Also, there are some really cool kanji combinations developed by the Taiwanese to describe some recent developements. My favorite is ԗ for "internet".
And the Chinese character for the word and sound of "cool" is which is really cool.


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