I see...
August 9 2001 at 2:24 PM

Response to my point is..

...where you are coming from. You're right -- the judicious use of the occasional "shocker" or two should not bring adult company and their revelrey to a screeching halt...people really ought to be able to deal with things that just "slip". And folks ought to be have some clue as to what's expected from the company they keep. But one of the hallmarks of being an adult is the ability to moderate yourself, to realize not everyone is so free-wheeling for reasons of socialization and whatnot, and tempering your behavior accordingly.

The only folks I get tired of quickly are the ones who use profanity as a crutch for their own linguistic shortcomings, or as a badge of pride in their ignorance. Learn a fifty cent adjective or two, it helps keep the world interesting.


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