I may be killed for revealing this....
May 24 2002 at 10:31 AM
Lady Killer 

To me and my friends its common knowledge, but to many others it may not be...."live in japan and have to wait a month or two for the new hollywood movies to transcend the oceatic gap? Yea, you know what I mean...you still shell out $9.50 to see a movie that in the states would be in the dollar theatre. Not to mention popcorn, juji fruits, and a swollen pocket full of contraband sodas. Donjt forget to sneeze when you pop the top on your sprite....

Anyhow..If you want the priveledge, nay.. the honor, the reputation.. amongst your lowly friends, of having every movie in American theaters, then listen carefully.

A) input KAZAA into your search engine..

B) download KAZAA

C) Use your brain box and select search under the tabs.

D) experiment and download any music by any artist, pornos, death scenes, and new movies...etc.

E) one thing that you must do before downloading any movies is: click on the software selection...and type "Divx" under the search space. Find a DivX download that has a + sign next to it....download and open..bla bla bla

F) now your ready to fucking rock. you can acquire any movie in the theaters and save it onto your comp.
for all you dimwits, that means spiderman, starwars part 2, and any other movie your heart desires....
once you master the art of obtaining movies, then Master Lady Killer will reveal the shaolin technique of burning them onto a DVD disc...otherwise known as a VCD.

I have every movie in the theaters..pretty much ( i get bored of downloading the shit), on DVD. Theres nothing like having the boys over for a few beers and throwing Blade II onto the big screen...Trust me..you'll be the envy of the neighborhood..especially if you live in Japan..where I hear movies aren't released until weeks after everyone and their mama has seen them in the US.

If you have any questions. post in the forum and I will set you straight.
LOL..The last time I paid to go to the movies was when my girlfriend dragged me to see Serendipity....even then I made her sneak 2 cokes, a bag of recies peices, and a box of Mike and Ike....we got busted because I spilt one of the cokes..not to mention we bought our tickets ( discount child seats) on the auto teller with her credit card...."I really am under 12 sir..I promise". Since, I've never been back and I have a DVD collection (of current showings) now that will make blockbuster bowdown and kiss these Converse.
Peace out and happy pirating!!!

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