May 15 2001 at 3:24 AM

Response to good times and bad :)

The most embarrassing moment I have ever had happened when I was 16. I was driving from California with my sister to Seattle. We stopped at one of those redneck gas station/restaurant/store/house things in Southern Oregon. Well, I was dying to take a piss. I ran into the bathroom and noticed that they had an old Victorian bathtub in the bathroom. The thing is they had a female mannequin in the tub dressed in lingerie. Well hours on the road and being a 16year old horny bastard, I decided to check if she was anatomically correct. So I slid my hand up her thigh and to my surprise I hit a switch. Suddenly a tape recorder went off. "Rape, rape to pervert don't touch me" The switch was connected to some speakers in the bathroom and in the dinning room. I couldn't figure how to turn it off, and couldn't jump out the window. As I ran out of the bathroom everyone (local truck drivers) were pointing and laughing the waitress said" so you met sally" I just ran to the car and waited for my sister. I hate Oregon! I must applaud those rednecks, they got me good.

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