A Wealth of Gaijin Ignorance
May 8 2002 at 12:02 PM

I just found this communion of idiots and dorks.


"The Rules of Engagement" states....
"This site was created for informational purposes. We welcome all opinions. We are trying to stay away from the "ELT" style of flame warfare on these boards. We hope to gather a more mature type of poster who can express his/her opinion in a rational, intelligent and hopefully non-confrontational tone.......Example:
A post simply stating; "you are full of @#%$." Will probably have its poster's IP address filtered.

To their credit, I could not find any "You are full of shit!" posts. The problem is, a lot of posts deserve it. Check out this thread for example....


I don't know how they managed to screen out normal, sensible people and gather such a collection of bullshit pushers and pious dorks. Where do these people get their information from anyway? The only newspaper they read must be "WaiWai".

Here is my retort back to them written in a civil way so as to comply with their "Rules of Engagement".



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