May 15 2001 at 7:55 AM

Response to Thank you

Come on Kawama, I normally enjoy reading what you have to post even if I disagree, but really- what the hell is that? Please tell me you weren't trying to drive home any actual point with your two hypothetical individuals and their two hypothetical chemicals of choice.
I could make my own hypothetical people but that would be just silly, and I know you were just trying to express your opinion in an amusing way. But what I'm saying is that if you decide not to smoke weed, I think that's great- but you have to realize that as a result of that decision you will not have a remotely accurate picture of what the range of people who do (from every day to once a year) are *really like.* And I get the impression you've never tried making love after just the right amount of kind green herb. If you don't think it'd be your thing, then great, don't try it, but if you don't try it, don't knock it, as you have absolutely NO idea. This is not just some hippie myth, the sexually enhancing effects of the herb have been well known for a long time... it's just not so well known because a lot of pot-heads just sit around and can barely summon the motivation to move, let alone find a member of the opposite sex they could ever make love to.

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