If you've seen the movie....
June 1 2002 at 2:33 AM

Response to language questions for oscar, samurai, tokyo et al.....

.....you should know how complicated Japanese funerals are.

The good news is that, during services, you are not expected to speak loudly or clearly. Also, few people know for sure what the correct words are.
One old trick is to mumble "kurotabi, shirotabi" (black socks, white socks) barely audiblly and the other person will assume that you have uttered formal words of condolences.

The proper wording:
"Konotabiwa gosisokuno gokyuusei ni okaremashite goshinchyu ossasshi mousiagemasu"

You will find the same words spoken in the opening part of Ososhiki when Miyamoto and Yamazaki first heard about the death of their father and somebody gives his condolences. Except of course the the word "child" is replaced with "father". A very good example of how condolences are supposed to be spoken.

But at the services, where you are supposed to be crying, people for the most part only mumble "Konotabiwa....." or "Goshinchyu ossasshi....."

There are whole books written on this subject, so it is really too big a topic to explain in this forum.

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