Sorry, I wasn't very clear...
May 25 2002 at 10:28 AM
Lady Killer 

Response to Do tell!

Actually I was talking about burning VCDs. But I used the terms DVD and VCD interchangeably for simplicity's sake for the lamen.
The only method I know to burn a download into a DVD form is to have a DVD burner on your comp. IF you have a DVD rom on your comp, then you can copy DVD's (like rented ones, etc.)into VCD form. And the end product will be the same quality as the DVD (except sound maybe, but it will be unnoticeable). Likewise, if you download a movie from Kazaa that is available on DVD, then the resulting VCD will most likely also be DVD quality. See, the reason why most VCD burns of movie downloads (new releases) aren't of DVD quality is because the resolution is less due to the shady methods used in movie video cameras set up in the theaters and the like.
A good rule of thumb to use is to check the resolution of the download file and anything higher than 352x288 (which is decent) will generally be of relatively high quality. Naturally, it won't be DVD quality, but it will be pretty good. A 480x256 resolution file will be damn near close to DVD godliness where as a 352x240 resolution file will often be a little dark, hazy, and pixelated at times, although they're still watchable and enjoyable, but nothing to write home about and seldom worthy of keeping once viewed.
There is a way to augment the quality of a download. It must be done during the conversion process from AVI or TS to MPG(MPEG). You have to be using the TMPGEnc encoder and you have to go into the advanced section of the settings tab. Unfortunatley I haven't bothered to figure it out exactly or messed around with it long enough to give explicit instructions. These damn things never come with instructions do they...
I'm sure none of this info. is "news" to you, but if it is, I hope I've helped and maybe have given pirating newbs a few rules to keep in mind when downloading.

Lady Killer

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