it was pretty sweet for a mate of mine
August 25 2002 at 10:56 AM

Response to Oh man...

a friend of mine worked for an internet startup which went bust earlier this year so he thought he would try welfare for a bit (even though he is australian he had a green card). the state where he was working in had some formula for calculating your welfare payments and it was based on how much you earned in your previous job. so as he had some obscene salary with the startup he was getting welfare of like US$450 a week. which is more than most people would earn in australia actually doing a job. needless to say all his mates back home where mightily pissed off (jealous?) at his two months at the taxpayers expense.

although of course now he is working for another internet company and making even more of an obscene amount of dough. some people have all the luck!

  • luck - ec_vp on Aug 25, 2002, 2:37 PM

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