You need to learn to write coherent English
May 24 2002 at 7:05 AM

Response to Sad!

I never said I understand what it is like to be a foreigner in Japan.

I never said I am living an "I am not a Japanese" life. If anything, I have repeatedly stressed that I am very much Japanese. It is you who accused me of not being one.

I don't know where you get these ideas from. Is there a link to the O.B.S. site somewhere?

What do you want Oscar? To get laid?

I am perfectly sure that I am getting laid a lot more than you are. I definately don't need your advice.

I still don't understand what it is about Japan that you hate so much. What on Earth made you feel that you were spinning your wheels and convinced you that some xenophobic conspiracy was out to condemn your children to second-class citizenship?

I am totally confused by you. Do you in all honesty think that Caucasians in Japan actually do have as hard a time as Africans in Alabama? Or Asians anywhere in the U.S.?

I have plenty of double standards, as do us all, but I don't see which one you are talking about. I never pretended to know all about a foreigner's life in America. I did not start a website proporting to teach other Japanese what life in America is all about.

You seem to be attacking someone that I am not.
Charging at the windmills have gone out of fashion long ago.
Try attacking something that is real for a change.


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