Fast track 'o fun?
April 13 2001 at 6:54 PM

Response to Happy Birthday

grins Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm planning on finishing up highschool, then attending UNO for a couple years. Hopefully by then I'll have a nice enough GPA to transfer to an out of state college (with some nice scholarships) so I can take more Japanese courses. (The college I'm going to only offers two. ^^;)

Ahh yes...soon, very soon I will leave Nebraska. With every passing day, I know I'm a day closer to leaving this uneventful place. Hopefully my final destination will be Japan. Only time will tell I guess. I'm sort of interested in how the next couple years will be like. I'm also hoping that my parents will finally realize the dedication I'm willing to put forth to achieve my goal. Maybe then they'll be more understanding and quit trying to convince me I'm only in a 'phase' of my life.

Of course, you already knew most of that, right? We talked about it briefly in chat

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