If you started from...
August 16 2001 at 5:13 PM

Response to Fuji-hell

...the Gotemba/Fujiyoshida side, you're a dude. Otherwise, you're just a tourist. Riding the bus to station 5 is for pussies...

You didn't do your homework, my friend. Fuji is a tall mountain. It gets cold atop mountains. Sorry you had to find out the hard way. The cost of the sheds is well documented all over the place. Personally, I plan on backpacking it when I try. Sorry for being such a pill, but it seems pretty clear to me that you a.) dress in removable layers cos it's going to get cold, and b.) bring your own food, shelter, and water (especially), because what's there is poor quality and expensive as hell.

I've never climed Fuji myself, so I am sort of being deliberately full of crap here, criticizing you and all. But I have been planning it for a while, and intend to start from the bottom, and pack for the tip...it's not a hike in the woods, after all. I dunno...riding the bus halfway seems so incredibly lame to me I simply refuse to do it.

Oh yes, and as tragic as it must have seemed at the time, I laughed out loud at the image of a couple of gaijin freezing their ass off thousands of feet upon Fuji screaming "Tasukete!!" and "I think I've got hypothermia!" Hilarious, if you think about it...

Kawama, a devoted climer of Nantai-san

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